Indexing Diversity – Does size matter? It’s a balancing act

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In today’s world, where so much importance is placed on diversity in the workplace, how do we measure such a broad philosophical, intangible concept? What are the key measurable parameters of diversity and how do we interpret these measurements?


The Dynamics of Diversity

The diversity of any team is dynamic. Teams may grow as new people join, some teams may shrink in size, some may change their business and some people may move within and between different groups\departments of the company. Quite aside from all this, cultural or personal demographic status of individuals within a team may also change over time. For example, one may learn a new language, or one may gain a new educational qualification or skill. These are only a few examples of how the measurable diversity of a team is dynamic.

Diversity Atlas measures aspects of cultural and various other dimensions of demographic diversity, and in doing so, can provide organisations with in-depth insights into the types and extent of diversity within their workforce. These parameters are spread across our four pillars of cultural diversity which are, very broadly speaking, country of origin, language, worldview/religion and cultural heritage.

But data sets should be comprehensive enough such that no matter what language, clan, tribe, worldview or place a person identifies with, no matter how obscure, esoteric or otherwise under-represented, it can be expressed. In developing Diversity Atlas, Cultural Infusion has curated and created the world’s most inclusive data sets for each of the included identifiers.


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